Samskrita Karyashala

Samskrita Karyashala is a unique course for accelerated and conceptual learning of Samskrita language. This course blends the paninian approach with the modern pedagogy. The latest technological tools are employed for effective learning.


Prerequisite :

  • Passionate to learn Samskrita language with a long term vision to read indic texts in Samskrita .

  • Commitment to attend all the online sessions and practice for at least 2 hours every week.

  • Ability to read Devanagari Script (Hindi Script).

  • Able to think analytically.

  • Have working knowledge proficiency in English language.

  • Basic computer literacy

Course Structure :

  • Interactive and Intensive Online Workshop

  • Two hour sessions every Saturday

  • Adequate Practice during the Workshop

  • Mentoring and Discussion groups

  • Application in Ramayana

Course Outcomes :

  • Strong foundation of Samskrita language and grammar.

  • Understand Paninian Sutras.

  • Ability to decipher Samskrita works independently and also use commentaries effectively.

  • Take up advanced study of Samskrita.

Materials Provided :

  • Session Recordings

  • Presentations

  • Printed Material

  • Mind-Maps

  • Weekly Quizzes

Schedule :

Batch 1 : Saturday 7 AM - 9 AM ( IST ) - NOT YET SCHEDULED

Batch 2 : Saturday 7 PM - 9 PM ( IST ) - STARTED DECEMBER 10TH

Duration : 1 Year

Program Facilitator :

Dr. Sridhar Subbanna, though comes from an engineering background and has worked with several leading technology companies; has learnt Samskrita & Shastras from renowned traditional scholars.

His doctoral thesis has explored the parallel's between Panini's Asthadhyayi with computational sciences and Al.

He has been teaching Samskrit with this novel method for the past few years.