Latest Video Testimonials

Venkatraman Sundaram

" This course teaches Sanskrit the way it should be taught. Sridhar Ji is unimaginably the best guru. "

Muthu G

" I consider myself immensely lucky to have attended this course. If I can learn it , anybody else can learn it because I started from zero. "

Rajasekhar Vaddadi

" This workshop was designed so perfectly. The material which you get provided with ( PPT , recordings , printed material ) is a treasure. "

 Viswanathan Ananthapadmanabhan

" We spent the first two months building up the base. Later everything we learnt was applied in Shloka analysis , Ramayana , Commentary. "

Pramod Subramanya

" I wanted to learn vyakarana and understand Kavyas but there is so much to learn and I thought one lifetime is not enough. But this workshop was mindblowing. "

Rima Lal

" Being able to actually translate shlokas has surprised me and has been far beyond my expectations. "

Gopinath Iyer

" You have nurtured a batch of excellent mentors. These  mentors definitely are the torch bearers. " 

Valmiki P Raghunathan

" The speed at which you went was just perfect. You took time to answer all questions and the mentors are awesome. "

Sridharan S

" This experience was unique to me. The learning experience was a Ananda. It is impossible to get off this workshop. "

Hemant Gokhale 

" I appreciate the way it was taught. I dont have words to express my gratitudes. "

Gopal Bethmangalkar

" This is the best way to learn any language. Really look forward to continue the next level classes with you. "

Sita Laxminarayana

" I had to undo whatever I had learnt and learnt it again it correct way. "

Gururaj Upendra

" Ashtadhayi is like mathematical formulas and rules. This is a very very structured course. "

Vijaykrishna Bellary

" This was like a mathematic course , first you define the axioms first and then you build theorems on top of it.  This was very algorithmic kind of development. "

John Kingsley

" The methodology was fantastic. It was very inspring to work with everybody. "

Amit Rao

" Prior to joining the course I knew a little spoken Sanskrit and a few shlokas from the Bhagawad Geeta. I took to the course to advance my knowledge of Sanskrit and to begin the process of learning the ability to interpret written Sanskrit. The basic principles of Sanskrit grammar that were covered in this course in a major learning for me. The handout that were provided as the course material are what I liked the most. The benefits that the course provided are 

1) Clarity regarding the structure of Sanskrit grammar/language 

2) Coming up to a level from where I can start studying/learning on my own

3) Some limited ability to interpret shlokas 

I recommend this to new joinees because though there are many courses available in Sanskrit but this course is unique. The approach adopted in this course takes the learner higher by one level. "

--- Neeraj Kumbhakarna (Assistant Professor @IIT Bombay)

"Prior to joining the course I did not have a complete understanding of Sanskrit grammar. This becomes a deterrent when analyzing texts as one does not have all the pieces to complete the puzzle. I joined the course to get an overview of all Sanskrit language elements. The major learning from the course is that I got a comprehensive knowledge of Sanskrit language and most importantly understood what areas I need to focus. One thing I liked most about the course is the commitment of sir, and his enthusiasm. It is commendable. I also liked the course structure and format. The main benefits of the course are - good overview of Samskrit grammar, future direction in continuing the studies and the path to follow. As a recommendation to new joiners, I would say that if you don't have too much time to learn Sanskrit the traditional way, you should take this course. But, having some basic knowledge would be of great help. I suggest that you take the Pravesha exam of Samskrita Bharati first before attending this course to reap maximum benefit."

--- Aruna Vayuvegula (Student)

“I have studied Samskrta during mid/high School 5th to 9th std (KV). I have chosen this course due to my desire for a deeper study of our Shastras and sacred Literature. There are too many major learnings from this course… The greatness of Panini Vyakarana & its structure and most importantly - how to parse the language constructs, understanding the interworking of prakruti & pratayas, the various sandhi rules, how and where to refer to dictionary & other sources, and how to interpret the explanations are a few that I wish to mention. Coming from a deep computer science background - I am greatly overawed by the Grandeur of Panani's work and the absolutely amazing rule-based description of Samskrta, a Natural language - which is at the core of all formal languages in computer Science. And am even more delighted by the fantastic teaching of Acharya Sridhar ji that brings out this greatness in all its splendor!! Listing some of my learnings from this course,... Understanding the fundamental concepts of Samskrta grammar - pratipadikam, pratyaya - tingn, sup, taddhita, krudanta, karaka, vibhakti rules, sandhi rules etc.; Introduction to some of Panini Sutras, which is the ultimate source for rules governing the language. It is like gaining access to a source code :-); Beginning to learn the art of deconstructing shlokas - and applying the principles learnt. I am deeply convinced that anyone seriously interested in studying our shastras (and many people are) and/or wanting to enjoy samskrta literature, should definitely undergo this course.”

--- Bharath Chikkanahalli (Asst. Vice President, Software Engineering)

"Prior to joining the course I had familiarity with Devanagari script; some śabdas of Samskrta. I joined the course to be able to read & comprehend ancient  samskrta texts, commentaries, etc. The major learning of the course is that with hard work & help of our teacher, it is possible for me to realise my goal. One thing I liked about the course is Karaka theory & their relationship with Vibhakti forms. The major benefits of the course are finding the teacher, exposure to key aspects of ashtadhyayi that are indispensable to read/comprehend samskrta  and appreciate the beauty, precision and grandeur of ashtadhyayi. I would recommend this course to highly motivated people with a caution that this course demands serious commitment in a compressed amount of time. At least for the 10 days, near 100% attention is required. Those who can keep away from family/work commitments during that time will truly find benefit."

--- Rama Bethmangalkar (Entrepreneurship/investing ) 

“I tried learning Sanskrit through various spoken Sanskrit workshops, but was never satisfied. I mostly forgot what I learnt from those courses after a while. I have long back attended a course by Sridhar ji on Panini's Vyakarana at IIIT-Hyderabad, and I liked it a lot. I recently came to know of this course through Sreenivasa Guttal, and I immediately joined it. I was able to appreciate the depth and rigor of Panini's Ashtadhyayi, and the extraordinary rationale and logic behind Sanskrit grammar, thanks to this course! The best part of this course is the pedagogy. Listing some of my important learnings from this course,...  To be able to comprehend Ashtadhyayi sutras on our own (to a large extent); To be able to recognize most of the sandhis in a given text; To be able to do the anvaya of a given text and understand its meaning (to a large extent). This is one of the rare courses where Sanskrit grammar is taught in such a simple, yet rigorous way. It focuses more on the grammatical concepts than the spoken Sanskrit unlike many other courses. Hence I would definitely recommend this to all those who are keenly interested in learning Sanskrit not just for speaking, but for appreciating its depth and to read and understand Sanskrit literature. I want this course to continue as it is, without any changes.”

--- Rajesh Tavva (Faculty)

“I had done Kavya during High School.  I wanted to have a refresh and more in-depth understanding of Sanskrit Vyakarana.  This course is like ‘Ashtadhyayi made simple.’ and helped me achieve my goals.  Aspects of this course that I value the most are… Exhaustive knowledge of the instructor,  the team's  motive to spread sanskrit in the correct way as prescribed by Panini Maharshi.  The benefits of the course are... (1) One can learn Ashtadhyayi in a methodical way; (2)  One can make analogies of Ashtadhyayi with various concepts of computational technologies, protocols, grammar and also with modern algebra (3) It creates a strong sense of appreciation and pride with the Indian heritage and scholarship. I would recommend this course also due to the following reason… In the modern era it is extremely important to read and understand the scriptures in original sanskrit. The oral learning which had kept our knowledge intact has been destroyed.  We need literary knowledge to continue safeguarding our assets. Reading translations and not appreciating the power of  ‘mantra’ s and ‘shloka’ s will render as poor in original knowledge. It is up to us to either enrich the wealth our ancestors have bequeathed or squander it. Thanks to Dr. Sridhar to have taken this initiative in "Svadhyayo Adhetavyaha" and keep the flow of knowledge continuous. I am extremely proud and happy to continue this study. I wish more and more such schools pop up across all of India.”

--- Harsha Matadhikari (Technical Lead, Software Engineering)

“My goal was to get a formal entry into the grammar of Samskrtam to help me better understand the language independently. Also, the hope is that it will help me become confident of my spoken language by enabling me to correct any grammatical errors that may be present while I speak. This course takes us gradually from the basic aspects to the ultra depths of the grammatical nuances and even newbie students are able to feel confident to learn the details without being intimidated. The highlights of this course are… A systematic and structured introduction to the Samskrtam language and its grammar presented by Acharya Sridhar who had put great efforts in this course to ensure a smooth learning experienc; All important topics that must be learnt are taught; Starts from the building blocks and shows exactly how each and every block builds the language eventually. These are the three most important aspects of this course for serious learners according to me. If you are already a student studying the language - this course can act as a superb refresher (for the already initiated) OR as a superb start (for those who are on the path) Either ways, with some patience and total faith in Acharya's methodology, I think all walks of Samskrta sadhakas (pursuants) will find great benefit in this course.”

--- Vinod Belur (An Engineer)

"Before joining the course I could read and write Samskritam. I also had experience in reading Samskritam texts with the help of translations. I choose this course because I wanted to start svaadhyaaya. The promotional flyer exactly had what I was looking for - read and understand samskritam texts with the understanding of grammar and not with the help of translations. The major learning from the course is that knowing is a pleasure, that it is possible to understand the language for svaadhyaaya , that it is a long process and that it is going to change your life. One thing I like most about the course, while going through the slides, is the way they are organized. I now understand how comprehensive the program was. It is that comprehensiveness I liked the most. The major benefits the course had on me was that It took me back to Samskritam, kept me hooked to it and also set me on a perpetual learning mode, starting from the basics. I recommend this course because it is essential for everyone interested in svaadhyaaya, samskriti and tradition - our nation's true wealth" 

--- Indulal  (Ayurveda Doctor )

"Prior to joining the course I had cleared pravesha exam from Samskrita Bharati. I joined the course to get a deeper understanding and learn to interpret scriptures on my own. The major learning from the course is knowing about the genius of ashtadhyayi. One thing I liked most about the course is the intensity and commitment of all participants especially our guru Sridhar Sir. The major benefits of the course are it strengthens the fundamentals, instills confidence in learning and technique and got contact of more samskrt lovers. I recommend this to others as it is a Gem of a course for serious Pursuers of the language."

--- Geetha Ganapathy (IT Manager )

"I had zero experience in Sanskrit. I joined the course to learn Samskritam. The major learning from the course are the tools I gained to analyse a sentence. One thing I liked more is the almost algorithmic way Sridhar ji taught us to understand a given sentence. I recommend this to others as it was very well taught."

--- Baradwaj Vigraham (Design Manager, Semiconductors)

"Before joining the course I had studied Samskrita in school for 5 years  I was looking to understand the meaning of the pooje I do everyday. Also. I was not content with the translations that exist of various texts . I am looking to read the same in Samskrita. The major learning from the course are the krdant pratyayas, the understanding of the roots and the rules for sandhis. They were a major eye opener . It led me to start to understand the formation of words, why they were formed that way and why similar words seem to have different meanings and vice versa. One thing I liked the most about the course is the way the course was structured. Starting from the Maheshwara sutras to the krdants to the Panini sutras itself . It made it very easy to understand. The major benefits that I can think of are that my understanding of why the words are formed the way has improved, Understanding different works and reading them in Samskrita has improved  and I have now an understanding of why meanings and declension of words are in the way they are. I recommend it for people like me who have a basic understanding of Samskrita. This course gives a detailed understanding . It helps in better sandhi dissolving , better understanding of the word itself and helps to understand if the translation is true. "

--- Harish Yagneshwar (Tech Manager )

“I have chosen this course to understand Ramayana and Mahabharata without translation. My major learning from this course is being able to understand ‘shloka’ s through ‘kaaraka’ s rather than through ‘vibhakti’ s. The benefits of this course are… learning sanskrit in a traditional way, getting better at grammar, understanding shlokas and reach a certain level where we can read the shlokas by ourselves. Enjoying this overall experience and would like it if others learn this fantastic language as we are doing it.”

---- Subha Madhava (Yoga Therapist)

“Had little knowledge of Samskrta before joining this course. I liked the approach due to which we can ourselves understand and read Ramayana and Mahabharata on our own. One of my major learnings from this course is the karaka analysis of the thingantha pada. Mentioning some of the highlights of this course,... Karaka analysis; The medium of instruction of this Course being English; Very clear explanation by Sridhar anna.”

---- Ranjani (Chartered Accountant)

“I am doing this course in order to read and understand Sanskrit works like Itihasa and Shastras. Never expected that Sanskrit can be learnt in such a structured manner. Have read many articles stating that Sanskrit is a natural language and that it is the best language for computers. After attending this course and the way it has been structured, I am really in awe seeing how true these articles are!! The thing that I liked the most is the way this course is structured and presented is very unique. It is very hard to find Sanskrit courses which are planned, conceptualized and presented this way. I can now understand the basic grammar of Sanskrit, understand basic words, split them and read.”

---- Chalapathi Rao Sanvaspur (Principal Engineer, an IT Professional)

“It was my dream to learn samskruta to understand shlokas with proper understanding of vyakarana. The thing that I liked the most is the way of teaching. This course is giving me confidence to learn this difficult language. I did not know anything in samskruta other than letters of the alphabet, but with this course, just in a few days, I got the confidence of learning it better.”

---- Ashwini V (Teacher)

“I had no experience in Samskrta. I chose this course to learn India's old literature. My major learning from this course is that samskrta is not as tough as normally reputed. This course is very useful.”

---- Sanjna Padmam V. (Student)

“Am doing my B.A Sanskrit at Karnataka Samskrita Mahavishwavidyalaya. I have chosen this course to learn Vyakarana in detail through Panini's Ashtadhyayi. My major learning from this course is… Basic and thorough understanding of applying Panini Ashtadhyayi Sutras in Sanskrit words and texts. Things that I appreciate in this course are… Sridhar Anna's patience and effort to teach even minute details of every aspect of the Sutra. This course is at the basic foundation level and is very much needed in learning the language in a structured manner. Some benefits of this course according to me are… We get a strong foundation of Sanskrit Vyakarana through Ashtadhyayi Sutras; Ability to identify the root words, ‘pratyahara’ s, formation of words, sentences, etc.; We develop a strong analytical skill to explore any Sanskrit word and the application of Sutras in any Shloka we recite or in Sanskrit texts.”

---- Priyadarshini Brindavankumar (Homemaker)

“All our shastras are written in Sanskrit. Though we can always read translations and tippanis, but to be able to relate it back to the original the only way is to learn the original. We are learning grammar in great depth and its application by going through Ramayana from source. Some of the benefits of this course are… Learning ashtadhyayi;  Understanding Ramayana and Doing a detailed analysis of each word in Ramayana, even how many words are formed i.e. their etymology. It is meant for working people. We can attend the classes online, in the evenings. That makes it very flexible and doable. As a working mother, this is the best way for me to learn.”

---- Geetika Goel (CTO, Software Professional)

“I attended a Spoken Sanskrit course several years back and then have largely tried to learn Sanskrit by self study after some initial pointers to books by a Sanskrit teacher. I have enrolled into this course to be able to understand Sanskrit texts. This course helped me create a mental map of so many concepts. The logical organization of topics, graphical representation of concepts is helping me learn Sanskrit with minimal memorization. My favourite aspect about this course is… Learning Sanskrit the Ashtadhyayi way. Some of the highlights are… Very knowledgeable and patient instructor; Good blend of both theory and practice; Learning Sanskrit with minimal rote learning; Interactive sessions; Course material and recordings are made available. We are being given an insight about how Maharshi Panini thought, I believe this is the best way to learn Sanskrit. I am fortunate to have chanced upon this course. My gratitude to Sri Sridhar Subanna.”

---- Dhiraj Nagaraja Hegde (Lead Data Scientist)

“My experience with Samskritam was very basic. I have joined this course because of my interest in learning to read and understanding texts in Samskritam. This course is helping me  in this endeavour. I liked the course being very detailed and in depth. I would recommend this course for people who are keen on learning to read the original Samskritam texts since I find this course very useful.”

---- Krishna M C (Teacher)

“I have always been interested in Samskrta right from my school days but could not pursue after college. I felt this course would help me analyse verses and scripts by myself and help in understanding the depth of Panini sutras. It was quite an enriching experience to understand the language as derived from the sutras. The 6 day intensive study was excellent. The major highlights of this course according to me are… Understanding how to decipher Panini sutras; Being able to apply them; Learning the methodology to analyse Samskrta works. Would definitely recommend this course to people who have a flair for Samskrta as it opens up different perspectives of the language.”

---- Ramya Srinivasan (Lead Consultant, IT professional)

“Had studied Sanskrit in high school and that's it. I have enrolled myself in this course to learn Sanskrit and teach my daughter. I have understood that though Sanskrit is a tough subject, one can use formula kind of things in Sanskrit to learn. I appreciate Sridhar Anna's method of teaching with patience, the most. Other aspects of this course that have kindled admiration in me are…. The outstanding effort by Sridhar Anna to cater to various levels of expertise of his students; Formula based methodology to comprehend complex topics; Support system by Sridhar Anna in case we missed classes. Have a couple of friends who are also keen to learn but could not make it to the batch I enrolled, would be asking them to join the next batch.”

---- Raghavendra (Working in the Software field)

“During this course, one can see how transparent, reason-based and powerful this language is and develop a deep reverence and love for samskrta. The mode of imparting the lessons adopted in this course is very much suitable for the people of the current world. The analytical, logical, scientific yet simple approach that is taken in deciphering the samskrta shlokas is amazing!! The option to look back at the recordings for a limited period of time, is an excellent idea. Above all, Sridhar aNNa’s way of teaching, his patience and his passion in making each one of us understand are all simply laudable!! I would definitely recommend this course to ALL people who are sincerely aspiring to learn samskrta. Irrespective of the level of their prior knowledge in samskrta, am sure everyone will find great value in this course.”

---- Smitha Krishna (A knowledge enthusiast - जिज्ञासुः)

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